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  • Artist - Obama, Barack mp3
  • Album - Dreams From My Father mp3
  • Year - 0
  • Genre- Folk


  • Dreams From My Father
  • My Mother Watched Us
  • We Had Lived In Indonesia
  • The Road To The Embassy
  • It’s Hard To Know
  • The First Thing To Remember
  • They Eloped
  • My Mother Preferred A Gentler Portrait
  • That Was The World
  • That’s How All The Stories Went
  • That’s How Things Were
  • Preface 3
  • My Grandmother Didn’t Have An Answer
  • Preface 1
  • Miscegenation
  • There Wasn’t Much Light Left
  • I Felt A Hard Knock To The Jaw
  • Still Something Had Happened
  • There Was Only One Problem
  • Lolo Was There To Greet Us
  • In 1960
  • Preface 2

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